Welcome to my brand new Molecular Immunology Laboratory in the Molecular Biology & Genetics Unit at JNCASR. If you are interested in knowing a bit more about me, feel free to dig into a synopsis of my background here.

The primary aim of my laboratory at JNCASR is to build a detailed understanding of the complex regulatory codes that govern the behaviors of immune cells in mammals (including humans). The mammalian immune system is a highly complex network of a multitude of cellular players, each responding to a plethora of molecular signals from diverse sources. Making sense of such complexity demands innovative interdisciplinary approaches. To elucidate the molecular circuits that underlie the functioning of our immune system in both health and disease, I prefer to use a variety of experimental approaches from genomics, biochemistry, flow cytometry, imaging, computational biology to genetic perturbations in mice. These interdisciplinary approaches afford us distinct but complementary perspectives into the nature of health and disease. In addition, these approaches also help us investigate certain pathways for their potential use in a therapeutic setting.