• HIRG Group Photo
  • CrN-Cr2N Heterostructure
  • Infrared Plasmon and Phonon-Polariton in ScN
  • Electronic Band Structure and Charge Density of ErN
  • STEM Image of ZrN/ScN Superlattice
  • X-ray Diffraction and Pole Figure of ScN on GaN substrate
  • Enhanced Thermoelectricity in ScN
  • html5 slideshow
  • Skandagiri Trekking
HIRG Group Photo1 CrN-Cr2N Heterostructure2 Infrared Plasmon and Phonon-Polariton in ScN3 Electronic Band Structure and Charge Density of ErN4 STEM Image of ZrN/ScN Superlattice5 X-ray Diffraction and Pole Figure of ScN on GaN substrate6 Enhanced Thermoelectricity in ScN7 Hyperbolic Dispersion in (Hf,Zr)N/ScN Superlattices8 Skandagiri Trekking9
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Welcome to Heterogeneous Integration Research Group: We are a research group in the International Centre for Materials Science (ICMS), and Chemistry and Physics of Materials Unit (CPMU) of Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research (JNCASR), Bangalore INDIA, led by Dr. Bivas Saha. We believe research in basic sciences, and development of smart technologies can solve most of the important and pressing challenges of our society as well as create wealth and opportunity for all of us.

Our group is focused on the development of novel functional and artificially structured materials, understand and engineer their energy transport and conversion mechanism, and develop devices for applications in energy harvest and energy efficient electronic systems such as in thermoelectrics, plasmonics and energy efficient computing. Our vision is to drastically reduce energy consumption in electronics and optoelectronics, as well as develop highly efficient energy conversion devices, which will help our nation achieve energy security as well as address climate change.

Please feel free to browse through various aspects of our research and educational program. We hope you will find something interesting and visit us again.

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News & Highlights

August: Mr. Ankit Kumar joins HIRG as a PGDMS Student, Welcome.

August: Mr. Debmalya Mukhopadhyay joins HIRG as a PhD Student, Welcome.

July: Krishna's manuscript on dual band absorption accepted for publication in Materials Today Physics.

July: Department of Science & Technology (DST) highlights our recent work on Polaritons.

July: Ms. Mehak Loyal joins HIRG as a R & D Assistant, Welcome.

June: Krishna's manuscript on polaritons accepted for publication in Nano Letters.