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International Centre for Materials Science (ICMS)

Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research


We have recently acquired one state of the art aberration corrected high resolution transmission electron microscope (TITAN3TM 80-300) from FEI Company, Netherland. This particular microscope has both Cs corrector (spherical aberration, for HRTEM) and probe corrector (for HAADF-STEM) in order to achieve spatial resolution ~ 0.8 Å during imaging of crystals. Acceleration voltage can be varied between 80 kV to 300 kV. Besides, this microscope is equipped with EELS, EDX and energy filter components. In EELS mode, energy resolution better than 0.2 eV allows studying fine details of electronic structure near and extended regions of the absorption edge, providing wide range of information such as coordination, charge state, bonding environment, electronic charge density etc for an atom. Capability in simultaneous imaging in the sub-angstrom level and spectroscopy (atom by atom) is an extremely powerful tool to get direct insight into many of the concepts and controversial issues associated with solid state physics through structure (both crystallographic and electronic) and property correlation. See for more into the research page.



Dr. Ranjan Datta

Associate Professor
International Centre for Materials Science
Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific
Research (JNCASR)
Jakkur P.O, Bangalore-560064


Academic Profile

Associate Professor at ICMS, JNCASR.
Postdoctoral Research Scientist at School of Materials, Arizona
State University, USA (2006-2008)....


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News and Updates

March, 08, 2017

Front cover page article featured in Journal of Applied Physics, ''Nature of Low dimensional structural modulations and relative phase stability in RexMo(W)1-xS transition metal dichalcogenide alloys''. 


Sept, 2014

Polish Society for Microscopy (PTMi) AWARD in the PhD students' contest of XV International Conference on Electron Microscopy, EM'2014, Krakow, Poland conferred to Mr. Dileep Krishnan for the contribution on 'probing nanoscale variation of optical properties of NiCo2O4, NiFe2O4, and CoFe2O4 by HREELS.  


07-05-10 2D nanostructures: Inorganic graphene

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