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Our group research interests are at the interface of chemistry, biology and biomaterials science. Expertise in organic synthesis, bioorganic chemistry, biophysical techniques and chemical biology is used to solve problems related human health. Topics: Alzheimer's disease, peptide chemistry, molecular probes, molecular architectonics, nanoarchitectonics and biomimetics. The work horses of living systems i.e., proteins can be good or bad. Silk (functional amyloid) and many other protein materials are of extraordinary importance while some other protein materials (disease amyloids) in the brain responsible for neurodegenerative disorders. Alzheimer’s disease constitutes ~70-80% of all dementia, for which there is no diagnosis or cure. Our research activity revolves around these aspects.

Molecular probes developed to assess metals, ROS, oxidative stress and other core and indirect biomarkers for possible multiplexed and multimodal detection of Alzheimer’s disease. Multifunctional lead drug-candidates developed for multifaceted toxicity of Alzheimer’s disease. Many of our laboratory inventions are commercialized or licensed to develop bioimaging and point-of-care diagnostics.

Novel concept of Molecular Architectonics, design and engineering of molecular architectures for functional applications (analogy: bricks to architectures), is introduced to integrate the realms of molecules to nanoarchitectonics to functional applications (bioelectronics, homochirality, protein folding, high-strength biomaterials, self-cleaning, biosensors, drug delivery & tissue engineering etc.). We established the concept of ‘templated DNA nanotechnology or functional DNA nanoarchitectonics’ to overcome the limitations of DNA nanotechnology, for practical applications. Silk-based scaffolds fabricated for skeletal muscle and stem cells-based neuronal tissue engineering among other biomedical applications. Our group is leading the efforts to ‘upcycle cyclic dipeptides (CDPs)’ as novel modular building blocks for producing biomimetics through the molecular architectonics.

The future research will build upon on the strong conceptual foundation established in our laboratory. We are striving to develop in vivo diagnostics and potential therapeutic candidates for the early detection and treatment of Alzheimer’s and other diseases through our multifunctional approach. We are working on the advancement of molecular architectonics through integration of small molecules and biomolecules to develop biomimetics of silk other functional systems for biomedical applications.

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